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Nashville Based Traveling Professional Henna (Mehndi) Tattoo Artist Tattoo with 6 years experience
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Bhavini Chauhan, is a globally minded free- spirited creative raised & born in Gujarat, India. She has earned her Bachelors & Master’s degree in IT in 2015 and has been studying and applying the ancient art of henna since 2016. Through an equally thorough study of entrepreneurship business, Ace Henna Tattoo has emerged to become one of the most sought-after henna tattoo businesses in Nashville & Tri-State area.
Henna tattoo (Mehndi  Tattoo) is an ancient Body Art. It is used in creating intricate ethnic or mehndi tattoo designs and exotic patterns on the body. Henna tattoo is completely natural, non-permanent tattoo and painless. It is a nice alternative to permanent tattoos as the designs fade in one to two weeks. Our Henna paste is handmade fresh to get the perfect blend of color. It has NO chemicals or dye added and is completely safe.


Henna (Mehndi) Tattoo Artist in Nashville

With 6 years of experience as Henna Tattoo Artist in Nashville, Bhavini provides you with intricate beautiful hand & body adornments for all occasions.

Bhavini uses her all organic homemade henna Contact Bhavini: 615-349-0742


How is the tattoo applied?2022-12-29T14:42:56+00:00

Henna tattoos are applied using a thick, dark paste that is squeezed from a small tube. The application is completely painless and fun to watch.

Is there a chance my tattoo won’t disappear?2022-12-29T14:43:10+00:00

No. Henna tattoos are always temporary. We recommend taking a picture!

How long does it take for the paste to dry?2022-12-29T14:43:25+00:00

The paste will dry in about 15 minutes.

How long do I need to keep the henna paste on?2022-12-29T14:43:37+00:00

We recommend leaving the paste on for at least six hours, although the tattoos are generally more visible if the paste is left on even longer.

How do I take the paste off?2022-12-29T14:43:53+00:00

The paste will come off easily. You can scratch or rub it off. Otherwise, it will eventually come off by itself from your daily movement and activity.

What color is the tattoo?2022-12-29T14:44:08+00:00

Henna tattoos come out brown with a slightly red hue.

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